April 2024

I came to my first ever art residency and I couldn’t ask for better spot to begin this journey- Helsinki urban arts which is located in street art based district with rich history of Helsinki graffiti scene. This place is called Pasila. Here I met my Baltic cousin and partner in crime Pintsel from Tallinn, Estonia. Helsinki Urban Art is a spot who runs art gallery, artist shop, organizing events and getting that unseen job done when it comes to planning.
For artists that’s hardest part, so to be able get all the stuff you need and focus only on creativity is a true blessing. Here I will share my month work and some insights about the city itself.

Alright - Tervetuloa.

Before coming to Finland I heard that Finnish people are obsessed with saunas. Like it’s everywhere. And almost it’s true. Every community building has one and you can use it when it’s free. I came with this irony that locals will find sauna everywhere: sauna in elevator, sauna in metro, sauna in mcdonalds. Okei, maybe I was a little too excited about saunas everywhere. So I did four faneras to scatter around the city for tribute to sauna. First spot is Sompa Sauna. It’s a free sauna for everyone near Baltic Sea runned by volunteers. They chop wood, bring water, play piano there. Amazing vibe and no hippie bullshit. If you want to drink beer in sauna just drink. If you want to talk and laugh in sauna nobody will shush you. There are three little saunas. First one biggest, more chill not so heated(compared to others). Second one is mild, that’s one my favorite. Heat goes about +110. And the third one is the bacon sauna, if you want to test yourself - that’s the place. They count to three and put water on red hot rocks. After two drops you already on the ground and skin is like in hell. On this sauna locals let me hang the Sauna Boss fanera. Check sompasauna here: . Next two plywoods are in city center near the river. And the last one is located in one more people place - DIY skatepark in Suvilahti free city. This is place where you can find graffiti shop, legal wall, gallery, people grilling and smoking weed. And everything is made by people also illegally. There I left my Sauna Boy.

Fanera. Illegal.

Apart from organizing street art creation and exhibitions for the public, Helsinki Urban Art crew run this Kupla place in near city Espoo. They host standup shows, concerts and all kinds of private events. Guys asked if we like to leave something there. Sure why not. A bubble blower, because Kupla means bubble omg such concept I know.

Spray paint. Legal.

With my friend Pintsel we have been exploring city by tram. A lot of walking and tramming. Our second collab in unused tram tunnel. This was on my birthday. Nice time spent.

Spray paint. Illegal.

Tribute to sauna. I really wanted to leave a mark in legendary district of Pasila. So finally at last days of residency good weather came and I couldn’t miss the chance to be part of culture here. And of course, my obsession with saunas strikes again.
My final boss pouring more heat to the streets.

Spray paint. Legal.

So I came when in Lithuania it was early spring and first leaves started to spread. In here - completely opposite :D it’s not even close to spring. Blizzards and minus 5 degree. Best time to come create stuff in the streets right (sarkazm) . My eager to fight that shitty weather was too high. Brutal like in mortal kombat. Subzero wins. For now.

Wheat paste. Pasila. Illegal.

The irony of easy access to gambling. There’s a casino machine in every supermarket. Just a funny moment when you see an adult women with bag of groceries spinning couple rounds of blackjack just before heading home.

Wheatpaste. Illegal.

In recent years Helsinki had zero tolerance law. That means there’s no graffiti and every new piece is buffed almost the same night it is painted. This Pasila gallery spot was main hall of fame in the hood before zero tolerance. Now the law is getting more loose and writers taking back the streets. Together with Pinstsel did a collab piece to start our journey through Helsinki.

Spray paint and roller. Illegal .